Framed Glaucippe Butterfly


Hebomoia glaucippe

A real glaucippe butterfly set and mounted in a 5×5 inch wooden frame, approximately 1 inch deep. 

Also known as the great orange-tip. The glaucippe butterfly belongs to the Pieridae family. The Pieridae family is a collection of butterflies consisting of mainly yellow or white butterflies. This species is commonly found in the Indomalaya ecozone.

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The glaucippe butterfly, or great orange-tip is very active on bright, sunny days.  Whilst the upper side of the butterfly exhibits orange, white and black colours, the undersides of their wings are mostly a mottled brown. When resting with their wings closed, glaucippe butterflies have the appearance of a fallen brown leaf, which it uses as a form of camoflouge.

The wings of glaucippe have been found to contain glacontryphan-M. This is a peptide toxin which is more commonly found in the poisonous venom produced by cone snails. The glaucippe uses this toxin as a defence against predators, producing a bad taste in the mouth of it’s hunters.

As a caterpillar, this species resembles the green vine snake. If disturbed, this species can even spit green fluid to warn off predators. An orangey-red and blue marking on the caterpillar’s head resembles the eyes of a snake. As a result, the caterpillar’s head appears larger and more intimidating than it actually is.

It has been noted that orange is not a common colour in the butterfly family. For collectors, the vibrant wingtips of this species are striking and help it to stand out in collections.

Adult glaucippe butterflies have varied wingspans ranging between 80 and 100mm.

Our framed glaucippe butterfly specimens have been sourced responsibly. Find out more about where we source our butterflies and moths from.

Additional information

Dimensions 5 × 5 in
Country of origin


How to display

This frame comes with a single brass hanging hook which can be screwed into the rear of the frame, allowing you to hang it on a wall.

Alternatively, the frame is deep enough to stand freely by itself on a shelf.

Where to display

To preserve the colours of your specimen, it's best not to display your frame in direct sunlight. You should also avoid areas of high moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

About our frames

All of our frames are handmade and feature mitred joints. The hardwood we use is of a very dark brown colour, with visible woodgrain.

All of our frames use real glass.

Postage and packaging

All frames are bubble wrapped before posting. As an independent, family-run business, we try to re-use as much packaging as possible to limit our impact on the environment. Postage and packaging is charged at £4.99 per order.


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