Framed Sangaris Butterfly


Cymothoe sangaris

A real sangaris butterfly set and mounted in a 5×5 inch wooden frame, approximately 1 inch deep. 

Also known as the blood-red glider, the sangaris belongs to the Nymphalidae family of butterflies, which boasts over 6,000 different species. The sangaris is commonly found across Central Africa. The Sangaris is just one of 72 described subspecies of the Cymothoe genus.

Postage and packaging is £4.99


The sangaris butterfly can be found in Afrotropical regions, mainly in forest surroundings. In particular, they are common in the Guinean Forests of West Africa and the Congolian forests. Commonly referred to as the blood-red glider, its wings are a vibrant, deep red. The species is primarily arboreal, keeping to the forest canopies earlier in the day then descending to lower levels of the forest during the late afternoon to early evening.

These are medium-large to large-sized butterflies and our framed sangaris butterfly examples are towards the smaller side of the scale of species we frame. However, their blood-red colour make them a vivid addition to any collection and their smaller size often appeals to collectors. They make a striking contrast to larger butterflies.

Adult sangaris butterflies have varied wingspans ranging between 40and 70mm.

Our framed sangaris butterfly specimens have been sourced responsibly. Find out more about where we source our butterflies and moths from.

Additional information

Dimensions 5 × 5 in
Country of origin


How to display

This frame comes with a single brass hanging hook which can be screwed into the rear of the frame, allowing you to hang it on a wall.

Alternatively, the frame is deep enough to stand freely by itself on a shelf.

Where to display

To preserve the colours of your specimen, it's best not to display your frame in direct sunlight. You should also avoid areas of high moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

About our frames

All of our frames are handmade and feature mitred joints. The hardwood we use is of a very dark brown colour, with visible woodgrain.

All of our frames use real glass.

Postage and packaging

All frames are bubble wrapped before posting. As an independent, family-run business, we try to re-use as much packaging as possible to limit our impact on the environment. Postage and packaging is charged at £4.99 per order.


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